new home built in pest control system

Pest Shield's Built-In System is expertly installed in the interior and exterior of your home with discrete fixtures that blend in with your home's wiring and electrical units. The safe polyethylene tubing are easy to fit into even the tightest of spaces and help ensure an even distribution of our patented pest control solution. The tubing is manufactured without the need for pesky connectors so they'll never separate; making sure your home's pest control needs are always met. The tubing system is durable, convenient and easy to conceal; no one will know your home is being continually protected against pests. Pest Shield's professional pest control technicians will visit your home and make sure that just the right amount of pest control solution is in your built-in system to keep your home clean and pest-free.  





Best in Performance

The Pest Shield built-in pest control system is permanent and delivers our pest control solution directly into the walls, any cracks and hollow areas of your home: the places pests can get into your home. This targeted system hits pests hard right where they live, breed and hide; stopping them from even making their way into your home.

Built to Last

The Pest Shield built-in pest control system uses state of the art polyethylene tubing with evenly spaced holes for even and easy distribution of our pest control solution. The tubing is made without the need of flimsy connectors that could separate and disrupt your home's pest control.  Pest Shield's tubes are non-clogging and will not break; they're made to last. 

Proven Success

Our customers are very satisfied. Pest Shield has been installing built-in pest control systems for nearly a decade and our system and happy customers speak for itself. 

Reducing Your Home's Risk for Infestation 

Pest Shield's built-in home pest control system offers perfectly measured amounts of solution that are sent through your walls using the tubing system that maintains the built-in pest control system. This system isn't just more discrete, it's also safer; using a tubing systems removes some of the risk of the chemicals affecting yourself, your family and your pets.

For Your Convenience 

Pest Shield's built-in pest control system is very convenient and easy to use. Once a Pest Shield technician adds the pest control solution to the tubing system, you're good to go.  The system carries the solution through your walls and nooks and crannies of your home like a hidden expressway. No hassle, no mess, no having to move furniture or empty your pantries. It doesn't get any easier than that. 

Cost Effective Solutions

The Pest Shield built-in pest control system is more cost effective than consistent monthly treatments and because the built-in system hits pests before they even reach your home; overall your visits per month will decrease. Less monthly visits, fewer appointments, fewer service calls,  fewer pests add up to more savings. 

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Discrete Pest Control Solutions

Because Pest Shield's built-in pest control system is built into your walls there's no risk of our chemicals staining your carpets, drapery or furniture. Another common concern with pest control is the smell: with the pest control solution being distributed through the walls, there's no overbearing smell to worry about.

Professional Service

Pest Shield's certified pest control technicians are highly-trained and experts in their field. Our mission is customer satisfaction. Our trained professionals are giving the tools they need to succeed: there's no pest control concern too big for Pest Shield's pest control professionals. Call for your consultation today.