We have Gone Green!



At Pest Shield Pest Control we are committed to conserving the enviroment in which we live. As part of our commitment we are proud to offer alternative pest control solutions. These include:

  • Chemical-Free Pest Control
  • Organic Chemical Pest Control



Pest Shield Pest Control offers a chemical-free alternative to traditional pest control solutions. In this offering, we will work with you to identify areas that pests are likely to frequent, and provide non-chemical ways to discourage them from your home. This pest control solution includes:

  • Complete inspection of your property and assessment of insects and rodents present
  • Placement of monitoring devices for further inspection, such as glue boards, fly traps, etc. Return to evaluate the monitoring devices
  • Identify areas where insects may live, hide, and breed. These areas can include:
    • Moisture collection areas, sinks, hose bibs, drain lines, etc
    • Wood, brush, and leaf piles
    • Dead trees
    • Underneath sheds and decks
    • Under and around doghouses
    • Heavy foliage
  • Identify areas around the home that are possible entry points for pests. These include:
    • Soffit areas
    • Pipes entering the home
    • Air conditioning lines
    • Gas lines
    • Electric boxes
    • Weep holes
    • Stucco/siding band
    • Doggie doors
    • Air vents
  • Exclude pests from home by addressing issues found during inspection. Prevention techniques include, but are not limited to:
    • Covering and excluding all areas such as soffit, weep holes, etc.
    • Sealing entire doorways with rubber seals and thresholds
    • If home has a crawl space, seal all areas from bottom of the home
    • Use hardware cloth, plywood, and hardy plank to seal off areas



Pest Shield Pest Control also offers a traditional pest control solution that uses eco-friendly, organic chemicals instead of traditional pesticides. Our organic chemical pest control service provides:

  • Complete inspection and insect/rodent assessment
  • Placement of monitring devices for further inspection
  • Identification of all general areas where insects may live, hide, and breed
  • Exclusion of all possible entry points around the exterior of the home
  • Use of insect-specific organic chemical pest prevention techniques that include, but are not limited to:
    • Boric acid
    • Dust
    • Diatomaceous earth
    • Plant oils such as eugenol, thyme, etc


Treatments under this service will be performed with the least amount of chemical possible. Most treatments will be limited to dusting of entry points, weep holes, stucco/siding bands, and electircal, plumbing, and gas lines that enter the structure. Perimeter treatments will be performed with a sprayer with only a maximum of one gallon of solution around the perimiter of the structure, up to one foot on the side of the structure and within one foot of the perimeter of the structure.

- See more at: http://www.sanantonio-pestcontrol.com/green.html#sthash.hwt1EEZb.dpuf