Mosquitoes are a real pain. Mosquitoes love laying eggs and congregating in large numbers  in stagnant water and no amount of water is too small for them. Mosquitoes will gravitate to bird baths, kid’s swimming pools, buckets of water left out, rain barrels and drinking ponds for livestock. There are many different mosquito species and South Texas has plenty of experience with these buzzing, biting pests.

West Nile. Encephalitis. Chikungunya. Zika.

Everybody’s talking about them. These viruses all have one thing in common: transmission through mosquitos. And although none of these viruses are wide spread in the United States, they are here. We can provide you with the best protection from these viruses with barrier treatments and adjuvants.



Barrier treatments control mosquitos by applying residual insecticides to their resting areas. This includes vegetation and other surfaces they might land or rest on. Treatments are made with a power sprayer or a back pack mist blower. These applications are a great way to relieve mosquito pressure around structures. It allows homeowners to enjoy the outdoors with less mosquitos and protects health by killing species that carry West Nile Virus, encephalitis, Dengue Fever, Filariasis, Malaria, Chikungunya and Zika.



Signs your home may have a mosquito problem are:

  • Swarms of mosquitoes around any stagnant water sources like bird baths or water fountains

  • Increased mosquito presence around your home



Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn and can make your backyard or pool nearly unusable with their loud buzzing and swarm behavioral patterns. Mosquitoes have peak swarming seasons in Spring and Summer and can make backyards and other outdoor spaces their hunting ground for their favorite meal: you and your family. Pets are not safe either; mosquitoes are fairly equal opportunity offenders and will feed from your outdoor pets and livestock as well, increasing their risk for disease and infection.  


Zika virus is becoming more of a concern today. It is spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected mosquito. The most common symptoms of Zika virus are fever, joint pain, rash, and red eyes.

The first steps to take to prevent mosquitos carrying the Zika virus would be to drain all sources of standing water; removing their place to lay eggs will drastically cut your risk of mosquito infestation.

If you suspect mosquitoes in and around your home, contact Pest Shield to have the problem taken care of right away; don't delay.

truck mounted mosquito fogger


truck mounted protection

Pest Shield Pest Control is one of the only companies in the area to use truck-mounted fogging units to apply insecticides as an ultra-low-volume (ULV) spray. ULV spray units dispense very fine aerosol droplets (fog) that stay aloft and kill mosquitoes on contact. The amount of insecticide sprayed by ULV units is small compared to the area treated, usually about 3 to 5 ounces per acre, which minimizes exposure and creates little to no risks to people and the environment. Some communities have thermal foggers that use an oil carrier that is heated to disperse the pesticide in a dense smoke-like fog.

It is best to schedule your neighborhood treatment for dawn or dusk because this is when the insects are the most active. Give us a call today and make your area of town a safer place for families living there.


buILT IN mosquito system - MistAway

Mosquitos are a common pest in Texas. They can quickly make your time outdoors a miserable experience. In addition, mosquitos can transmit disease, such as the Zika virus. Pest Shield Pest Control is proud to introduce the MistAway Mosquito Misting System.



Unlike portable mosquito control systems which attract mosquitoes into your premises, MistAway kills all mosquitoes in the protected area through a series of pyrethrum-insecticide misting nozzles. Our automated and permanent Mosquito Mist Away System, allows you to enjoy a mosquito-free yard all year round.

Whether you call them fly control systems, fly spray systems, mosquito misting systems, or automatic insect control systems, MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems are eliminating mosquitoes one backyard at a time. Our drum-based misting systems and tankless mosquito misters are made in the USA and manufactured from the highest quality parts and materials. We offer unparalleled quality, an industry best-in-class warranty and peace of mind to the property owners who have purchased our quality mosquito misting systems.


The real value in owning a MistAway Mosquito Misting system is being able to enjoy an evening cookout or send your kids out to play after dinner without even thinking about mosquitoes or your mosquito misting control system.

Whether you choose our innovative tankless misting unit or our traditional drum-top mosquito mister, you are purchasing a professional quality appliance that will provide care-free service for years to come.


Although it will be exposed to the elements - direct sunlight, high temperatures, rain, humidity - season after season, you should expect your mosquito misting system to run with little care or attention for many years. From our high quality stainless steel mosquito misting nozzles, to the viton seals on our pumps and fittings, our system's components are selected for their durability. They'll ensure that you continue to enjoy the carefree benefits of backyard mosquito control for a long time.

While your mosquito control system should require minimal attention on your part, you'll occasionally need to interact with it. Whether its activating a remote mist prior to an evening cookout and then temporarily turning the system off while your guests are outside, or changing the timing of a programmed mist, we've designed an easy-to-use intuitive interface that won't leave you searching for your owner's manual.


MistAway's systems offer important features that our competitors' can't. For example, all of our systems are designed to prevent a siphon in the nozzle circuit and are capable of recognizing a leak and shutting the system off until it can be repaired. They can be configured with a sensor so that the system will inhibit a mist if the wind is too strong. And with agitation prior to each cycle, the insecticide concentration of each mist is the same every time.

In addition, every MistAway system has been designed to incorporate an optional wind sensor. The controller is programmed to check the wind speed before each scheduled mosquito mist cycle. It will check the wind every minute for five minutes, and if the wind is above a predetermined speed, the unit will go into hibernation until the next regularly scheduled cycle.