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Founder of San Antonio Pest Control Services Dominick Alongi

Founder of San Antonio Pest Control Services Dominick Alongi


Here at Pest Shield Pest Control, we want your home to be pest free. Pest Shield is ready to serve our customers and keep their homes free from invading insects and other pest concerns. Pest Shield has been delighting customers for over 25 years and our customers couldn't be happier. Pest Shield employs state-of-the-art technology to keep your home pest-free.  



At Pest Shield Pest Control we always put the client first. We take time to listen to your needs, and recommend what is best for your individual situation. Our extensive experience with commercial clients, such as realtors and builders, and home owners, allows us to understand your unique requirements, and tailor our solutions to fix your problems. Each property is different, and we are well aware of the importance of analyzing the unique situations present in your property, and treating them properly.



Pest Control

Keeping your commercial building clean and free of pests is absolutely necessary for your business. We have the tools and team necessary to handle any needs you may have commercially. We have commercial pest control clients all over San Antonio, and would love to have you as another!


residential pest control application

Pest control

San Antonio has various needs when it comes to home pest control, and we are more than able to take care of all of them. The inside and outside of your home will need pest control over your lifetime, and we offer monthly pest control programs to keep your San Antonio home free and clear of critters.



professional pest control services

We provide pest control for the entire greater san antonio area

Pest Shield's San Antonio crew is ready to assist with various types of pest control needs from insects to invasive wildlife. Pest Shield is here to keep your home free and clear of any pests that you may encounter. Every situation is different and provides new ways to deal with and handle pest control: Pest Shield's talented professional servicemen are skilled and trained to look at each residential situation uniquely and find the pest control solution that's right for you.