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It can be difficult to determine if you have a termite problem, but termites love to leave clues to their presence. Look for these pieces of evidence to see if your home may have a termite problem.

  • Look for small holes in your wood surfaces, in crumbling drywall or in sagging doors and floors.
  • Look for insect wings around your home: termites shed their wings when they swarm.
  • Look in your home's brickwork and tubing: termites can nest there as well.


Pest Shield Pest Control offers a variety of solutions when it comes to preventing and protecting your home against termites. 

  • Termidor Treatment

    • Termite Removal

  • Bora-Care Treatment

    • A Termite Prevention System

  • Advanced Termite Bait System

    • This system removes existing termites and lays down bait to prevent future termite infestation


Our wide service area covers from Brownsville to Waco and from San Antonio to Corpus Christi. 


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Sometimes termites can be mistaken as white ants when they swarm. They look a lot like ants and have a similar colony structure. Termites live underground like ants and move in single file lines like ants. Some termites have wings like some ants but here's where the similarities stop. Ants have smaller bodies and shorter heads and are different in color than termites.  A certified Pest Control Professional like a Pest Shield Pest Control representative can help you decide if you have termites or ants.


Termites can cause serious home damage and are a known problem across the United States. South Texas is at high risk for termite infestation due to our more favorable conditions for termite colonies to thrive in.  If you suspect termites may be in your home: contact Pest Shield today. Pest Shield services South Texas, the surrounding area and from Waco to Brownsville.

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